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6 Responses to “SCCM Forum”

  1. chetan said

    we have an issue regarding deploying Win 7OS from SCCM 2007. we had deployed win 7 OS and were able to installed on client system in network, but recently we created another new task and deployed a newly capture image with PXE enabled, from then onwards we are not able to deploy OS on the client. when we boot the system through network boot it tries to contact SCCM server and then give up an “error as cannot find boot device”.
    Can you please let me know what could be wrong, is it related to the new task advertised and also please let me know which logs do i need to check on the server.


  2. chetan said

    Sorry the error message on the client is ” boot device failed”

  3. Ratna said

    Hi eshwar,

    I am very new to sccm.

    I have set up a lab with SCCM 2007 SP1 and thing is I want to create a secondary sites in my lab. Would you please update me with any documents for doing the same.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Vmugutrao said

    HI Eswar,

    Need one help on SCCM site code Auto discovery.
    We have multiple sites in our organization and there is no connectivity between them.
    We are facing issue with roaming users; if any person temporary moves to other location his CM agent discover site code for that site however once he back to home location it could not re-discover site code automatically.
    Can you suggest what could be causes of this ?

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