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About Me

Hi and Welcome to eskonr Blog.

My self Eswar Koneti Living in Singapore. Specialised/Experienced in System center configuration Manager 2007.I focus primarily on System Center Configuration Manager and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.I was Awarded by Microsoft as ‘Microsoft Community contributor Award 2013’ towards my technical contributions for #SCCM/ #Confimgr .

In addition to helping clients leverage the technologies they use, I enjoy spending a lot of time on the forums and email lists helping answer questions and just seeing what people are doing with the deployment technologies available to them and like to blog technnical things on my Web at

I have started this blog to share my experience with the products that comes in my daily routine also i keep this blog as my reference guide. Hopefully this blog will be helpful and interesting for you!!

Community Activities

I’m trying to share/Gain as much IT knowledge as possible within my spare time.

Forums, pages and communities where I am active:


Certificates and Awards:

Microsoft Certifications:


Certification /Version

  Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007  
  Microsoft® System center Operations Manager 2007

To view my full certification transcript, please go to
Transcript ID: 886095
Access Code: transcript

Disclaimer :The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent anyone else’s view in any way, including those of my employer and are  provided “AS IS” with no warranties.The Scripts that are posted here in this Blog are worked in my environment .Please test in Non-Production system before you execute it on any.


45 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Sandeep Thotakura said

    Hi eswar , this is sandeep from hyd, i am very much interested for learning system center products, please suggest me witch institute is best for system center products …..please share me your contact details

  2. vasanth said

    hi eswar , i want to chat wit u i need your gmail

  3. JohnAdled said

    Excellent post! Really loved it, havent seen an artice this good in a while.

  4. Congrats Eswar for the Microsoft Community contributor Award 2012

  5. Chandrakanth said

    Eswar Nice work,Good idea to share knowledge like this!

  6. Siddhartha said

    Mindblowing Blog Man:-)

  7. sandeep said

    Awesome Blog!!! lots of stuff… Keep Rocking:)

  8. Abhijit said

    Hi Eswar K,

    I am interested for learning Microsoft (System Center Products.

    Abhijit H

    • Eswar Koneti said

      Good. Which product are you interested in ? many products are available ? do you have Prior experience in any system center technologies which you want to learn ?

  9. Ramesh C said

    Hi Eswar, Congrats for the Microsoft Community contributor Award 2012. I need your help to learn SCCM 2007.

    I am not sure you already share this knowledge in ur blog. I need to get all the patches (software updates) information from SCCM DB. Its possible..? Could you please share the query? Thanks.

    • Eswar Koneti said

      what type of information are you looking for ? there are many software update tables/Views which has variety of information and you should choose what you need from them.

  10. George D said

    Hi Eswar,

    Excellent your site, articles and posts.

    I need your help to learn SCCM 2007.

    I search information about files MIF on sccm 2007 :
    how to create mif file
    etc …
    thanks for advance


  11. Deepak Kumar said


    I need a small help from you. we are planning to come up with four new datacenters, two in europe, one in asia pacific and one in america region. We also have small branch offices in different regions apart from these major datacenters.

    Now, i am planning to deploy sccm for the 4 major datacenters:

    1) one central site with software update point (with wsus) in one european datacenter.
    2) one primary site with software update point in second european datacenter.
    3) one distribution server with sup in both asia pacific and us datacenter

    The idea here is, all the clients in europe will report to the european data center. other clients in us and asia pacific will report to the primary site. However, for updates and packages they will contact their local sup and distribution points.

    all remote clients in different boundaries in asia pacific and us will talk to the distribution point in asia pacific and us for updates and packages.

    Now, i want to understand am i planning correctly. Should i put distribution points and sup in asia pacific and us datacenter or not? Or should i allow the clients from apac and us to talk to the primary site in europe without having any distribution point and sup in asia pacific datacenter and us datacenter.

    Can you please guide me, what should be the ideal planning for sccm 2012 considering 4 datacenters, 2 in europe , 1 in US and 1 in asia. Apart from these datacenters we also have small clients (50 in number) at different geographical boundaries in asia, us and europe. M i planning correctly or is there any thing you would like to suggest.

    Please email me with your suggestion.

    Anticipating your prompt response.

  12. Desan said

    the site is very helpful and Eswar has been very helpful to me. thanks!!!!

  13. jorgio said

    for your guide, you will be manage mobile device ?
    Bests regards


  14. georges said


    I want to repair the WMI layer on computers windows xp and 7.
    I found this script :

    Is it running for windows 7 ?
    and how to target a PC remotely if the wmi is corrupted ?
    thank you in advance for your feed back 🙂

    Bests regards

  15. Muthu Raman said

    Hi Easwar,

    my name is Muthu,I am working as SCCM deployment activities in MNC company .i need to add a bulk mahines in to collevtion in SCCM 2012 can you please let me know if there any script avaiable to perform this task

    • Eswar Koneti said

      you can either go with right click tools or use console based option add machines OR go with query based if they follow specific criteria.

  16. Georges said

    Thanks fo your Feed back.
    This script, is it compatible for os win 7?
    Thanks on advance
    Bests regards

  17. Prem said

    Hi Eswar I Need a help from you,that i need a VB script to terminate the old packages.

  18. Prem said

    Hi Eswar this is Prem I need your help i need a VB script for terminate old packages,and build a tool as Termination Tool with VB script.

  19. Prem said

    Eswar Suggest nice links to learn power shell for SCCM 2012.

  20. Prem said

    We planned to devlope a tool called as Termination Tool. This tool with help us to delete the package, program, collection & advertisement from console. Also it will delete the package from DP’s. All this needs to be done from VBScript. It would be helpful to me if you can guide me, as I am a complete fresher to VBScript.
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Johan Pol said

    Hi Eswar,
    I follow your posts and like them ! Go on like this.

    I do have a request. Do you know if there is a SCCM 2012 report which will display my succesfull advertisements between a period.
    E.g. between 01-02-2013 and 01-03-2013 and the list will be all advertisements and the amount of succesful deployments of them

    Any idea ?

    • Eswar Koneti said

      I do not have any at the movement. may be future you will report one like this on the blog ..keep watching the space.

  22. saurabh said

    Hi Eswar……Few days back i’ve recieved 1 mp error below is the error.
    ConfigMgr 2007: MPControl.log shows HttpSendRequestSync fails with status code 500 ‘Internal Server Error
    Now this error has attacked my another secondary server. Will revert with logs tomorrow till 11.30am.basic troubleshooting what technet has suggested i’ve tried but so far no luck. I think its issue in AD(SPN) related…..
    My SCCM hierarchy is as below
    Central server
    Primary Server for HO locations as 1000+ systems are there and 40 secondary sites national as well international(30national+10int’nal)
    if anything else is required then let me know…..

  23. saurabh said

    I have went thru this technet solution but at the starting of the website it has clearly mention as below…..

    Note: The information below does not apply to Windows Server 2008. Do not run these steps on a Windows Server 2008-based computer.

    I believe its a (AD)SPN related issue…..

  24. vrushab h said

    how to subscribe to your post.

  25. Sameer said

    Hey Eswar,
    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with the community. Your blogs/website has been such a life saver a million times. Glad we have such a gem hiding in India somewhere, and contributing to the world. Great work, and keep up the good work.
    I have been struggling to find how I can use powershell to upgrade remote Distribution point. We would like to use scripts to upgrade our remote DP’s from 2007 to 2012. So far there has been no luck in finding a solution to this.. thanks for your help in advance. (I know this is not a forum, so sorry about posting my question here)

  26. Prem said

    Hi Eswar this is Prem I need your help i need a VB script to create package,program,advertisement,collection in CM12.

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